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Horse Riding

We invite you to experience the unforgettable adventure of riding Tinker horses, a breed known for their calm nature and stunning beauty. Our estate boasts two stables housing numerous Tinkers, renowned for their friendliness and trainability, making them perfect for riders of all levels.

For beginners, we offer lessons in a small circular arena where you can learn the basics of horse control and riding in a safe and supervised environment. The large arena is ideal for more advanced lessons and training, as well as for indoor activities during inclement weather.

Horseback rides are conducted along picturesque routes around the countryside and through the forest trails, allowing you to enjoy the local natural beauty and truly connect with nature. This leisure activity not only offers the joy of interacting with these magnificent animals but also provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, as you breathe in the fresh air and tranquility of the outdoors.

30 PLN / Person

Pony Ride • 1 Circle

(for children)

40 PLN / Person

Long Rein Lesson • 20 Min.

75 PLN / Person

Group Arena Lesson • 50 Min.

60 PLN / Person

Private Arena Lesson • 30 Min.

110 PLN / Person

Extended Private Arena Lesson • 50 Min.

80 PLN / Person

Group Field Trek • 60 Min.

First hour ride

60 PLN / Person

Group Field Trek more hours

250 PLN / Person

Group Trip to Palas Lenno

Important Information

Please ensure you read through the additional details carefully.

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    Book lessons at least one day prior.
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    Arrive 20 minutes before the lesson starts.
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    Cancel 24 hours in advance to avoid fees.
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    Helmets are mandatory and provided at no cost.

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