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Discover our agritourism complex «Jaskółka», a haven of tranquility and peace in an ecologically clean area, where hills smoothly transition into monumental mountain peaks. Here, on vast lands surrounded by the Bóbr Valley, our farm comes alive among lush green hills, while the silhouettes of mountains add grandeur to the landscape. This is the place to fully enjoy solitude and the beautiful view of untouched nature.

Located in the picturesque southwestern part of Poland, just 25 kilometers from the historic town of Jelenia Góra, «Jaskółka» is near the cozy village of Marczów. It is the perfect spot for those seeking solitude and harmony with nature. Here, among ancient forests and fresh air, you can forget the daily urban hustle and immerse yourself in the calm of pristine nature.

Discover the wonderful world of horseback riding on Tinker horses. Known for their friendly nature and splendid beauty, they are perfect for rides along picturesque paths through green hills and shady forests. These rides offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of local nature, interacting with noble animals. For beginners and children, we have a convenient arena to safely and comfortably start your journey into horse riding. Read More

In our bar and restaurant, you will find a combination of local and European cuisine. From traditional local delicacies to European dishes, there is something special for every guest. Our kitchen and wide selection of drinks make every dinner unforgettable.

Come to «Jaskółka», where every corner is filled with peace and the beauty of nature. Discover this unique world, where tranquility and solitude await you at every turn.

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