Second foals

In the stable, shrouded in the twilight of dawn, the second beautiful foal was born on February 9, 2024, his eyes were enveloped in a mysterious veil of stars when he first opened them in this world. His name was given to him in the hope of strength and nobility - Kiara. But unfortunately, the valley of their joy was overshadowed by the mother's unexpected rejection. Kiara's mother, unable to accept her gifted foal, left them without understanding and protection.

Nevertheless, amid the shadows of doubt and uncertainty, a spark of hope and concern was ignited. Natasha, the strength and heart of the stable, took on the role of caring mother to Kiara. With her gentle touch and unquestioned wisdom, she filled the young foal's life with hope and love.

Thus began their journey - a journey in which every day is filled with tenderness and hard work, striving for growth and harmony. They are joined on this ancient path by the brave Kiara, growing under the caring leadership of Natasha. Amid the sound of hooves and the whisper of the wind, they press forward, confident that together they can overcome any obstacle and reach any peak in their path.


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